• Acquisition
  • Canada
  • Public works

VINCI Construction signs an agreement to acquire a group of public works contractors in Canada from Northern Group of Companies

  • C$93 million (€65 million) in revenue
  • Strengthens VINCI Construction’s position in roadworks in Canada

VINCI Construction has signed an agreement to acquire the construction companies of the family-run Northern Group of Companies.

These compagnies operate in roadworks, asphalt mixes and agregates production in the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, on Canada’s eastern coast.
They have around 500 employees at peak season and generated C$93 million (€65 million) in consolidated revenue in 2020.

This acquisition, which is still subject to approval by the Canadian competition authorities, expends the footprint of  VINCI Construction’s operation in Canada and strengthens its overall position in North America.

VINCI employs 5,500 people in Canada – including more than 4,000 at VINCI Construction – and made €1.1 billion in total revenue in the country in 2020.