Infrastructure, buildings and civil works

We bring together an unparalleled range of expertise organised into 3 business lines.

Infrastructure that satisfies basic needs such as water, energy and mobility

Roads, motorways, railways, tramways, urban road networks, cycle paths, green corridors and wastewater collection systems…

We build all types of mobility infrastructure, applying a circular economy approach to our work that combines construction with the production of materials.

We also develop expertise in urban development, energy infrastructure, the treatment and distribution of water as well as ecological engineering work.

Buildings that benefit everyone

Offices, homes, healthcare facilities, schools, businesses and cultural centres…

In all areas of construction, we help organisations in the public and private sectors respond to the challenges they face in developing and regenerating urban areas and integrate the various ways people live and work to promote social cohesion.

We put our expertise, resources and skills into practice on all types of projects, from distinctive architecture to everyday buildings.

Engineering structures that connect places

Bridges, tunnels, dams and large-scale industrial equipment…

We build civil engineering structures the world over.

We manage complex projects, setting a benchmark through our expertise in soil, structures, nuclear engineering and digital technology for construction.

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Acting as a positive force for all, we build structures to accompany the transitions of our era – environmental, energy and digital.

Steeped in a culture of builders, our teams strive and innovate every day to assist our customers as well as the end-users.

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