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VINCI Construction will carry out infrastructure work on a section of line 5 of Montpellier’s tramway

VINCI Construction will carry out infrastructure work on a section of line 5 of Montpellier’s tramway

Eurovia and Sogea Environnement, subsidiaries of VINCI Construction, will carry out infrastructure work on a section of line 5 of Montpellier’s tramway

  • Construction of infrastructure for the new diagonal north/southeast route of the tramway network
  • A €32.5 million contract

Montpellier’s public transport operator, Transports de l’agglomération de Montpellier (TaM), has awarded the contract for infrastructure work – roadwork and utility network construction (work package INFRA 4) – for line 5 of Montpellier’s tramway to a consortium led by Eurovia and including Sogea Environnement, both subsidiaries of VINCI Construction. The work is being carried out as part of the project to extend the network and, after a preparatory phase that began in June, will begin in September. The work is set to last for 28 months.

The €32.5 million contract covers the infrastructure work needed to develop public spaces on a 3.3 km stretch of line 5 of Montpelliers’ tramway, including a multimodal hub between the Gennevaux roundabout and Yves du Manoir station (on boulevard Paul-Valery). The work will include the demolition of existing road surfaces, as well as earthworks, roadwork (construction of roads, pavements and cycle paths) and the installation of a unique multitubular network, with 24 tubes (i.e., 96 km of PVC tubes), extensive overhead wires and 18 km of piped utility networks (for drinking water, rainwater and wastewater). The consortium will also carry out some local reconstruction and dig out 700 tree pits.

As the worksite is located near the GGL Stadium, home to Montpellier’s rugby club, the schedule will be adapted in line with sporting events. An environment officer will be present throughout, focusing on managing the environmental challenges of the project – such as applying the urban tree charter, which aims to preserve, enhance and enrich the city’s trees and woodland.

From January 2026, the new tram line will connect the towns of Clapiers in the north of Montpellier and Lavérune in the southeast, via the western part of Montpellier’s historic centre, L’Écusson, as well as underprivileged areas that do not yet have any tram services. This fifth tram line, which is expected to transport 80,000 travellers every day, will enable 100,000 new residents to benefit from a more environmentally friendly form of mobility.

This new project follows on from other work Eurovia has carried out on Montpellier’s tramway network; teams already took part in the construction of lines 1, 2 and 3. This confirms Eurovia’s expertise in carrying out urban development for environmentally friendly transport.