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  • Facility management
  • United Kingdom

VINCI Construction awarded contract to provide facilities management services for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence

  • Maintenance works across 59 sites comprising 6,200 buildings and infrastructure assets
  • A 7-year contract worth €491 million and potentially €850 million of billable works

VINCI Facilities UK Ltd (a VINCI Construction subsidiary based in the United Kingdom) has been awarded the contract covering hard facilities management, grounds maintenance and capital works for the Ministry of Defence’s built estate across the south-east of the United Kingdom.

This seven-year contract is worth €491 million (£423 million) for its facility management component. In addition, it could be supplemented by a €850 million (£732 million) works program. It also includes an option to extend for three years.

The contract, covering 59 sites comprising 6,200 buildings and infrastructure assets, will sustain employment for over 800 people, either directly or indirectly.

VINCI Facilities will use all its experience to improve the predictive management of the Ministry of Defence’s built estate and the lived experience for its staff.

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