Proximity networks in Americas, Africa and Oceania

Discover the main projects carried out by the local networks of VINCI Construction in Americas, Africa and Oceania.





In its third-largest market, VINCI Construction focused on roadworks, generating €1.1 billion in revenue, down by 2.2%. The local subsidiaries – such as Hubbard, Blythe and Eurovia Atlantic Coast – worked on infrastructure construction projects in each of the 10 states on the East Coast and in the American South where they have bases, using supplies from about 50 asphalt plants and a network of quarries producing over 1,000,000 tonnes of aggregate a year.


Their teams are building a new 12.8 km section of the NC 540 Highway (Raleigh, North Carolina) and in Georgia, they repaved the Atlanta Motor Speedway racetrack. In industrial activities, Northeast Paving (Eurovia Atlantic Coast) now has a new asphalt storage plant in Maine with road and rail access, while Hubbard acquired a high-energy performance asphalt plant in Orlando Hubbard also acquired a materials recycling facility in Florida.




The business activity, which principally revolves around transport infrastructure and urban development, grew considerably (by 31% to €0.8 billion) due to ramp-ups on large projects carried out in synergy with the Major Projects Division, as well as an especially buoyant market in Quebec. The business units in this province worked on extensive roadworks and utility projects, notably in Montreal (Mont-Royal and rue Léo Pariseau). In Alberta, the Carmacks subsidiary completed work on the bypass around Tofield and was awarded a contract to build a bridge in the Grande Prairie area. In British Columbia, BA Blacktop developed and has started using new processes involving warm-mix asphalt, which are improving energy consumption on its road refurbishing projects in Greater Vancouver.



Bitumix posted record revenue (€0.2 billion, up 33%) and order intake. It was involved in projects at several airports (Carriel Sur in Greater Concepción, El Loa near Calama and Chacalluta near Arica) and used asphalt recycling systems to refurbish highways C17, in the province of Chañaral, and 160, in the province of Concepción.

  • A high-energy performance asphalt plant in Orlando (USA).
  • Abridge in the Grande Prairie area (Canada).



Revenue in Oceania amounted to €0.8 billion (up 18%).


In Australia

Seymour Whyte offset Covid-19’s impact on the economy by speeding up its diversification beyond roadworks into rail infrastructure, airport infrastructure and water systems. The company completed extensive works on the National Highway and on Bruce Highway (including the first diverging diamond interchange in Australia).


In New Zealand

HEB Construction continued work on the Transmission Gully motorway (27 km) north of Wellington and on the Ruakanakana Pass railway tunnel, and was also involved in redevelopment work in central Auckland alongside Soletanche Bachy. HEB Construction also expanded its water infrastructure operations.



Bruce Highway (Australia).



Operating in over 20 countries, Sogea‑Satom’s business activity increased substantially (13% to €0.9 billion), climbing back to its pre-crisis level as numerous projects restarted. Business was particularly brisk in Morocco, Benin and Cameroon, accounting for over half of the company’s revenue.


In roadworks, Sogea-Satom was principally active in Mauritania (Nouakchott—Rosso road, 120 km), Benin (Dassa—Parakou segment; Route des Pêches) and Cameroon (a 106 km section of Route Provinciale 18). The company, which is also very active in water works (civil engineering, networks and equipment), commissioned a series of facilities designed to expand and secure the drinking water supply in the Greater Kampala area in Uganda, and began construction, in synergy with the Major Projects Division, of a water treatment plant south-east of Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire.


In the building sector, other key projects included the construction of the new Yamoussoukro stadium in Côte d’Ivoire, the country that will host the Africa Cup of Nations in 2023, and the refurbishment of the Tazi Palace Hotel in Tangiers, Morocco, with VINCI Energies; and in the civil engineering sector, projects included construction of the second Womey bridge, north of Cotonou, in Benin.

  • Dassa—Parakou segment; Route des Pêches (Benin).
  • New Yamoussoukro stadium in Côte d’Ivoire.