Major projects

2021 was a particularly fruitful year for major projects, both in terms of operations (€2.5 billion, up by 19.9%) and order intake (€2.9 billion), marking the start of a new cycle of projects.

In 2021, several large scale projects were handed over in France, including the new Strasbourg bypass (A355) for VINCI Autoroutes, civil engineering work on the tokamak complex for the ITER international research project to carry out experiments in fusion power and, on Reunion Island, the viaduct for the New Coastal Highway (5,400 m) and a bridge over the Saint‑Denis river.


Order intake remained steady. New orders included work package no. 2 for the tunnel on the future Euralpin Lyon–Turin railway line (23 km) in France, the replacement of a 97 km pipeline supplying Heathrow Airport (the Southampton to London Pipeline Project) in the UK, and the new B247 federal road in Germany.


The tokamak complex for the ITER international research project.

2021 was also marked by our major projects under way on all continents.


En France: several work packages at the preliminary study phase or under way for the Grand Paris Express (Line 15 South sections T3C and T2D, Line 14 work package GC02, and several Line 18 tunnel and viaduct work packages) with Proximity Networks entities.


In the United Kingdom: the High Speed 2 (HS2) line, one of the biggest projects this decade ; VINCI Construction and Balfour Beatty are working on the main civil engineering work packages and on the future Old Oak Common station.


In Denmark: the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link , which will be the world’s longest immersed tunnel and connect the Danish and German coasts in just seven minutes by train.


In Morocco : the 350 MW Abdelmoumen pumped storage power plant, a hydroelectric plant with a capacity of 350 MW.


In the United States: extension and refurbishment of the I-64 interstate highway between Hampton and Norfolk, (5.3 km of sea viaducts and new tunnels, and widening of 14.5 km of existing roads).


In Canada: with proximity networks, the Confederation Line light rail infrastructure in Ottawa (27.5 km of track, 15 crossing structures and 16 stations, plus widening of 12 km of motorway), the West Calgary Ring Road in Alberta (5 km of highway infrastructure) and, in British Columbia, 82 km of a 166 km gas pipeline (the Coastal GasLink project) and a 225,000 m3 liquefied natural gas tank in Kitimat, which will have the heaviest dome VINCI Construction has ever built.


In Colombia: the Bogotá–Girardot motorway, which VINCI Construction widened and refurbished for VINCI Highways.


In Cambodia: the Bakheng water treatment plant, which will supply drinking water to the capital, Phnom Penh.


In New Zealand: the City Rail Link project in Auckland (a 3.5 km railway extension including 3.2 km of tunnels and three new stations).


  • The High Speed 2 (HS2) line in the United Kingdom.
  • The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link in Denmark.
  • The Abdelmoumen pumped storage power plant in Morroco.
  • The extension and refurbishment of the I-64 interstate highway in the United States.