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The Trail by VINCI Construction 2020

28 August, 2019

Like last year’s first edition, the second ‘The Trail by VINCI Construction’ student challenge once again challenges students from all over the world to “Envision the construction industry of tomorrow!”

For the 2017/2018 event, 1,258 students from 350 universities and graduate schools around the world responded enthusiastically to the challenge posed by VINCI Construction. The 419 projects submitted responded to the following question with real talent and relevant imagination: “How should companies working in the construction sector make use of new technologies, and how can they develop and adapt to meet society's needs and improve people's quality of life?

In 2019/2020, the second ‘The Trail by VINCI Construction’ is once again inviting students from partner educational institutions in three disciplines that embody the challenges posed by today’s fast-changing world:

  • The construction site and methods of the future
  • Sustainable construction and resilience
  • The city above and beneath the city

In addition to promoting initiatives directly related to the issues of the future, the challenge is designed to strengthen our ties with partner educational institutions and recruit their most talented graduates. “The Trail is all about demonstrating that VINCI Construction can co-construct tomorrow’s world with the talented people of tomorrow. I hope that many of them will join us”, says Jérôme Stubler, Chairman of VINCI Construction.

A challenge to respond to the issues raised by a fast-changing world

The construction professionals of the future must deal effectively with many issues, including responding to exponential demographic and urban growth, increasing demand for mobility, and the need to build a sustainable world against a background of undeniable global warming...

The construction and infrastructure industries are absolutely on the front line when it comes to sustainable development. Between them, they consume more than 40% of the world's energy, and generate more than a third of all greenhouse gas emissions from developed countries.

It is vital that the tide of new technologies flows through construction sites to help our new generations successfully meet these challenges. Future graduates will refine the use of digital models (BIM - Building Information Modelling) and the opportunities offered by the digitalisation of project and construction design. The computing power offered by artificial intelligence, the introduction of robotisation and augmented reality into construction, and the ability to 3D-print building materials are all contributing to the creation of a new world.

The Trail challenge registration and timetable

Phase 1 - Register now at: The Trail by VINCI Construction 2020.

Phase 2 - Mid-March 2020: meeting the finalists from each country at the national award ceremony. The teams selected at this stage will then receive support in developing their projects from VINCI Construction sponsors.

Phase 3 - On 28 and 29 May 2020, the semi-finalists will pitch their projects at Leonard, the VINCI Group outlook and innovation platform, and compete in a sporting challenge.

View the video of the first The Trail by VINCI Construction.

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