VINCI Construction’s companies play their part in efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, strictly applying public authorities’ recommendations. Protecting everyone’s health and safety are our absolute priorities.

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Management Team

Jérôme Stubler

He is Chairman of VINCI Construction since 2015.

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Hugues Fourmentraux

Hugues Fourmentraux was appointed Managing Director of VINCI Construction France on 1 July 2015 and Chairman on 1 January 2016.

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Manuel Peltier

Manuel Peltier was appointed Deputy CEO of Freyssinet in July 2012, CEO in April 2014. He is now Chairman of Soletanche Freyssinet.

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Gilles Godard

In 2016 Gilles Godard was appointed Chairman of VINCI Construction International Network.

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Patrick Kadri

Patrick Kadri has been appointed Chairman of VINCI Construction Grands Projets in November 2018.

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Benoît Lecinq

He was appointed executive Vice president of Entrepose Contracting in 2013 and became its chairman in 2014.

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Hervé Meller

Hervé Meller was named director of Human Resources, VINCI Construction in November 2007.

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Yann Grolimund

Yann Grolimund has been appointed Chief Administrative and Financial Officer of VINCI Construction in July 2015.

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Jean-Serge Boissavit

In May 2016, he was appointed Business Development Director for Vinci Construction.

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In January 2017, Chloé Clair joined VINCI Construction as Chief Technical Officer.

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Jean-Philippe Bréot

In July 2012, Jean-Philippe Bréot was appointed Health and Safety Director within the VINCI Construction holding company.

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Guillaume Malochet

In October 2019, Guillaume Malochet joined VINCI Construction as Marketing & Communications Director.

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Philippe Venambre

In October 2016, Philippe Venambre joined VINCI Construction as Information Systems Director.

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Nathalie Mabil

Nathalie Mabil has been General Counsel and Ethics Coordinator of VINCI Construction.

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