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Basing our work on corporate social responsibility

VINCI Construction’s commitment to corporate responsibility and civic engagement emphasises steps to benefit the group's various stakeholders and serve the community at large.

Our worksites as a CSR policy laboratory

The Grand Paris and South Europe Atlantic Tours-Bordeaux high-speed projects are integration laboratories, as are our approximately 1,000 current projects around the world.

We make a point of hiring employees in the regions where we operate and of working with local SMEs. In France, VINCI's VIE programme coordinates implementation of contractual work integration clauses and helps expand long-term employment in the regions. The “Chantiers & Territoires Solidaires” endowment fund, which was set up by VINCI Construction, VINCI Energies and Eurovia with the help of the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, supports projects in the public interest near the Grand Paris worksites in which the Group is involved.

First agreement on worker rights in Qatar

The building and wood workers’ international (BWI) union federation signed an agreement on worker rights with QDVC – a Qatari company held by Qatari Diar Real Estate Investments Company and VINCI Construction Grands Projets – and VINCI in November 2017. The agreement, the first of its kind in Qatar, covers human rights in the workplace, housing and fair hiring practices and is more broadly aimed at improving working and living conditions. It covers all QDVC workers in Qatar and also provides for an extensive monitoring, reporting, oversight, inspection and auditing system.

Community engagement with SolidariTerr’

The SolidariTerr’ system set up by VINCI Construction Terrassement in 2016 combines social innovation and community engagement. It encourages employees to engage with the community in the area where the company is working. In practice, each initiative involves 5 to 15 employees who volunteer to support a local civic organisation working on education, access to employment, the environment or mobility for people living in social exclusion. The activity is based on an endowment fund provided by employee contributions and company subsidies.

In 2017, five action days were held for the benefit of local civic organisations with the help of 46 employees, who were proud to have the opportunity to engage in the sharing and outreach activity.

Dynamic civic engagement

The Fondation VINCI Pour La Cité (VINCI foundation for the community), which supports projects designed to provide lasting social and employment integration solutions for the disadvantaged, acts as a long-term regional partner. In 2017, the foundation supported 202 civic organisation projects in France, 55 of which involved 69 VINCI Construction sponsors. The Cité Solidaire programme, set up by the foundation to support small civic organisations working in underprivileged neighbourhoods, funded 16 projects in 2017.

Similarly, outside France the Sogea-Satom Initiatives for Africa (ISSA) programme, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017 and provides funding and employee sponsorship for micro-economic, health and education projects, supported 25 economic and social development projects, 80% of which were carried out by women entrepreneurs, in 2017.

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