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Attracting talent to better prepare the future

In a fast-changing market, the VINCI Construction human resources action plan is geared to attracting talent and taking action to retain and promote the existing teams.

CAP for Talents or how to develop potential

CAP for Talents is a set of initiatives that VINCI Construction has developed to train and promote its employees and foster their mobility. The CAP for Management training programme for 300 top managers was introduced in 2017. It was designed to share with them the company's values and the tools they can use to coordinate activity.

The project segment, meanwhile, uses the CAP for Projects programme to support project directors, who play a key role in the field, and to support and network them. Their renewal is a key goal for the company.

Lastly, the engineering segment has designed the CAP for Engineering programme to capitalise on the unique expertise of our 3,000 employees specialising in structure, methods and cost engineering.

Promoting diversity with the Open programme

Recongnising that collective intelligence and diversity boost performance in a constantly changing world, VINCI Construction began more than a decade ago to address the issue of equality in the workplace and seek ways to transcend the preconceptions that are still rampant in our business sector. This effort culminated in the Open by VINCI Construction programme in 2017.

It includes a series of innovative experiments aimed at gaining new perspective on diversity in the workplace through meetings of entrepreneurs, testimonials and brainstorming workshops designed to generate ideas and broaden horizons. At VINCI Construction, we believe that diversity and more broadly openmindedness are major drivers of success, progress and job satisfaction within the company.

A different approach to attracting talent

Because it offers a wide variety of jobs and careers involving wide-ranging experience and expertise, VINCI Construction seeks to attract talent and appeal to young graduates. As part of this endeavour, it has forged relationships and academic partnerships with more than 35 engineering schools, business schools and universities around the world.

In 2017, VINCI Construction decided, in line with its design-build positioning, to organise an international competition for students enrolled in higher education, with the title "The Trail by VINCI Construction". The novel competition takes place in two phases.

• First, the contestants, grouped in four-person teams, were asked to think about what the construction sector will look like in future and to suggest ways for construction companies to take the new technologies on board, adjust to the changing expectations of our societies and improve the living environment. The answers were to propose an ambitious project within one of three themes: "The worksite of the future", "Sustainable construction and resilience" and "The city above and below the city".

• The second phase of the challenge has brought the finalist teams together in May 2018 to compete with each other in a sports event. The winners receive a visit to an exceptional VINCI Construction project in Asia, Europe or Latin America.

A campaign designed to promote the VINCI employer brand was launched to develop the Group's appeal to young talent and to retain the young people recently hired. Its message is focused on human qualities, reflecting the Group's values and managerial vision.

Customised "City below the City" training course for teams working on underground projects

The Gand Paris programme is a major regional development scheme and a social and human resource challenge for VINCI Construction, to which the Société du Grand Paris has already entrusted several projects. This major European programme, which will take several years to complete, will require recruitment of large numbers of people. Underground and specialist works make up a large part of the activity.

The purpose of training course is to create, strengthen and expand our employees' underground works and foundations culture.

The "City below the City" course is based on a risk management approach in which execution is adapted and optimised according to the observed behaviour of the structure during construction.

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