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Bridges and overpasses

Wouri River Bridge, Douala, Cameroon

The second bridge over the Wouri River has improved traffic flow in the economic capital of Cameroon.

Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, has built a second bridge over the Wouri River. It is designed to improve traffic flow in the city and facilitate rail transport in the region.

The bridge consists of 2.3 kilometres of 2.3 lane access ramps and two structures (a road bridge with 6 traffic lanes and a footpath and a twin-track railway bridge). The design-build structures are 760 metres in length and are made up of long 135-metre prestressed concrete spans with cantilevered segments cast in place and resting on 2.5-metre diameter, 50-metre deep piles.

More than 500 Cameroonians are working on the project, with special training and a majority of African supervisory staff. 

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