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Tunnels and access roads to mining projects

Simandou mining project, Republic of Guinea

The handover of the road was one of the main preliminary steps preparing mining operations in the Simandou area, which harbours one of the world’s largest iron ore deposits.

Built in to support the iron ore mining project at Simandou in the forests of Guinea 800 km from Conakry, the road between two large prefectures in the region, Beyla and N’Zérékoré, was handed over in 2016.

The refurbishment of the 128-km road, which was previously virtually impassable, was financed by Anglo-Australian mining group Rio Tinto. Built by Sogea-Satom teams, the project involved a large amount of excavation (850,000 cu. metres) and backfill (350,000 cu. metres) and was subject to the very high environmental and labour standards required by the IFC (World Bank), the Rio Tinto partner. The Simandou project is the largest combined mining operation and rail, port and auxiliaries project carried out in Africa to date. 

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