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Water treatment

Seine-Aval water treatment plant, Achères, France

The Seine-Aval treatment plant in the Yvelines department, which treats wastewater from the Greater Paris area (population 6 million), is Europe’s largest.

VINCI Construction France and Dodin Campenon Bernard are working on the downstream Seine wastewater treatment plant to help keep pace with population growth in the western part of the Paris area, drastically reduce the amount of pollution discharged to the Seine and better control noise and odour.

The Seine-Aval plant is now undergoing a comprehensive renovation. The first phase, commissioned in February 2016, covered the “pre-treatment” facilities designed to sieve, de-sand and de-oil wastewater. The plant continued to operate during the works. The second phase consists in upgrading wastewater biological treatment through biofiltration and membrane ultrafiltration.

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