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Culture and heritage

Second World War Museum, Gdansk , Poland

25,000 cu. metres of immersed concrete placed in a single pour, setting a world record.

The memorial museum in Gdansk, on the banks of the Motlawa River, was built by a joint venture comprising VINCI Construction International Network subsidiary Warbud, Hochtief Polska and Hochtief Solutions AG. The building, in which 80% of the  floor area is underground, has a distinctive 40 metre high tilted tower symbolising the ruins left by the conflict.

Prior to construction, Soletanche Bachy subsidiary Soletanche Polska carried out excavations to a depth of 18 metres and built the raft foundations using the immersed concrete method, which set a world record in the category. The seven-storey museum with six underground levels is located immediately adjacent to the historic city centre and the Vistula estuary. Its 58,000 sq. metre floor area contains exhibition rooms as well as conference rooms, a cinema, a library and archives.

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