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MLC tower, Sydney, Australia

Freyssinet worked on the renovation of the MLC tower, a standout feature of the Sydney, Australia skyline.

The MLC tower, a historic 220 metre building with more than 60 storeys, had suffered the ravages of time since it was built in 1977. It has now been given a new lease on life. The project included an assessment of the condition of the outside facade, restoration of the performance and strength of the facade elements, restoration of the building's appearance and provision of a specific maintenance plan.

To renovate the 35,000 sq. metre facade, the Freyssinet teams applied a range of solutions, including cathodic protection of the reinforcing bars and application of a waterproof silane surface treatment.

Rejuvenating the building while minimising disruption for occupants

Since the building remained occupied during the project, a major effort was made to minimise disruption for local residents, including encapsulation of the work areas and specially developed work platforms. Overall, the noise level was reduced by 25 dB. The “facelift” restored the iconic building to its former glory as part of the Sydney skyline.


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