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Macdonald warehouse, Paris, France

The conversion of the Macdonald warehouse in Paris's 19th arrondissement next to the ring road is a major part of the Paris North East urban renewal programme.

VINCI Construction France teams completed the conversion of the former Macdonald warehouse in the 19th arrondissement in the summer of 2015. The former 617-metre long logistics hub was transformed into a new neighbourhood, a central component in the Paris North East urban renewal programme. The outsized project covers 165,000 sq. metres and comprises 1,126 housing units, 32,000 sq. metres of retail space, 26,000 sq. metres of office space, 16,000 sq. metres of activity space, 17,000 sq. metres of community facilities (gymnasium, day care centre and middle school) and 1,300 parking spaces.

The new multipurpose complex is designed to accommodate 2,500 residents and 3,000 employees. VINCI Construction France worked with six property developers and 10 architectural firms to complete the exceptional project, which included infrastructure (notably a tram line passage) and superstructure works.

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