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The Les Halles neighbourhood, Paris, France

The redevelopment of the Les Halles neighbourhood in the heart of Paris is nearing completion.

The vast project, led by VINCI Construction France, will give the iconic neighbourhood a new look. More than 30 years after it opened, the site needed to be restructured and upgraded to keep pace with increasing numbers of visitors, renew the aging structures and adapt to changes in the applicable safety regulations.

Creation of the Canopy

The Canopy, symbolising this transformation, is a huge 25,000 sq. metre translucent skylight that spreads its protective shade over this enormous urban beehive. Every day, in addition to thousands of tourists and neighbourhood residents, the Les Halles underground station, Europe’s largest, serves as a transit point for 750,000 people and the shopping centre, the city’s largest, welcomes 150,000 customers.

The construction teams achieved a technical and logistical feat by carrying out this large urban renewal project over a period of  three years without disruption for people in the area or the many businesses operating there

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