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Waste and smoke treatments

Energy from waste plant, Charleroi, Belgium

The energy from waste plant is being upgraded to handle large volumes of waste and generate electricity and heat.

After 30 years in operation, one of the Charleroi energy from waste plant’s two incineration lines had reached the end of its service life. A new line therefore needed to be designed and built to replace it. The new line will treat 46,500 tonnes of household waste and 8,500 tonnes of industrial waste annually. The process will generate electricity and heating.

The notification to proceed was issued on 20 December 2016. The work, set to take 37 months to complete, and in which VINCI Environnement will participate, will modernise the site with a new-generation stepped grid for optimum combustion, a three-pass vertical boiler to save energy in producing reliable steam (23.65 tonnes/ hour at 41.5 bar) and an innovative BICAR dry flue gas treatment unit.

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