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Dunkirk LNG, Dunkirk, France

In response to the need for greater safety and more diverse means of energy supply in Europe, EDF launched the construction of a methane terminal at the Port of Dunkirk; the project will also increase liquefied natural gas (LNG) import capacity.

Entrepose Contracting built the three 190,000 cu. metre LNG storage tanks on a turnkey basis. They are among the world’s largest cryogenic storage tanks. Each full integrity tank has an inner steel (9% nickel) hull, which maintains LNG at a temperature of -163°C.

Several VINCI Construction subsidiaries pooled their complementary expertise to build a variety of structures at the site: a BOG (Boil-off Gas) building, a pumping station (Seawater Intake), two discharge tanks, a Qmax tanker jetty and an undersea tunnel to carry warm water from the Gravelines nuclear power station to the plant, and to carry out soil improvement works.