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Hydroelectric dam, Assiut, Egypt

Dams on the Nile, designed to generate electricity, irrigate fields and ensure shipping on the iconic river, remain outsized undertakings.

Four years after the handover of the Naga Hammadi dam on the Nile, the Egyptian authorities awarded to VINCI Construction Grands Projets the contract to build the new Assiut Barrage about 250 kilometres north of Luxor, designed to replace another dam built 400 metres upstream in the early 20th century.

Equipped with double locks, the dam will ensure shipping on the Nile, irrigate nearly 700,000 hectares of land as far as Cairo and generate electricity (32 MW via four 8 MW turbines). VINCI Construction Grands Projets has gradually restored the course of the river after creating a temporary bypass during the works in order to build the dam on dry land.

The dam began filling in November 2016 following five years of works.

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