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Stadiums and sports equipment

Allianz Riviera stadium, Nice, France

The new Nice stadium boasts unprecedented environmental performance.

The Nice stadium, now named the Allianz Riviera, was the first sports arena built in France to host the Euro UEFA 2016 football championship. It uses a combination of innovative ideas (public private partnership, naming agreements, cultural and corporate events, etc.) applied to other recent projects and environmental innovations that make it one of the world’s leading “ecostadiums”.  

The 36,000-seat Allianz Riviera with its outstanding environmental features was built in just under two years. Its innovative equipment includes natural ventilation and geothermal cooling systems, a photovoltaic solar power plant and a rainwater recovery system.

The composite wood and steel roof offsets the equivalent CO2 emissions of one year of stadium operation.

It took 14 versions to finalise the geometry of the wooden grid made up of solid beams, which halved the number of heavy and costly metal assembly nodes.

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