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A9 motorway expansion in Montpellier, France

The largest motorway project in metropolitan France facilitates travel in the Hérault department.

The opening to traffic of the new A9 motorway section on 30 and 31 May 2017 marked the completion of France’s largest motorway project in the past several years. More than 300 companies and 1,500 people worked on the project, financed by VINCI Autoroutes, at peak activity. Many VINCI companies, including teams from VINCI Construction Terrassement, were involved in the project.

The infrastructure separates national and international transit traffic from local traffic flows. The new A9 section, with a dual three-lane carriageway, is used for transit traffic while the existing motorway, re-named the A709, is now an urban freeway handling local traffic. The teams conducted an uninterrupted dialogue with the full range of project stakeholders to discuss issues relating to the environment, traffic and disruption caused by the works to local residents. The new A9, which carries an average 100,000 vehicles per day, will bring lasting traffic flow and safety improvements to the Montpellier region.

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