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SEA Tours-Bordeaux HSL

7,400 employees on the 302 km line - © VINCI and subsidiaries

7,400 people are working on the huge South Europe Atlantic project between Tours and Bordeaux along the 302 km route and 38 km of connecting lines. This is one of Europe's largest rail projects. 

VINCI companies on the project

The new HSL represents a total investment of €7.8 billion. It is the largest infrastructure concession project under way in Europe. Construction is being carried out by the COSEA consortium led by VINCI Construction and including Eurovia and VINCI Energies, together with railway companies. The entire project is to be completed in 73 months, with the line scheduled to begin operating in 2017. All along the 302 km line, worksites have been ramped up, some of them on a spectacular scale using spectacular techniques. 

Sustainable development programme

This project will benefit the people, environment and  economies of the regions by providing sustainable mobility, regional development and economic expansion and connections to the rail networks of northern and southern Europe. It is part of Réseau Ferre de France's sustainable development programme. 

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