Berjaya Central Park (Malaysia), construction of a residential and office complex.
Berjaya Central Park (Malaysia), construction of a residential and office complex. - © Laurent Wargon

Entrepose Services and VINCI Construction Grands Projets decided in 2012 to set up a joint subsidiary, as a gateway to procuring worksite supplies in China. Named Key Sourcing, the subsidiary is based in Hong Kong and Shanghai and is headed by Yann Bary. He has a dual assignment: to maintain a list of approved suppliers (quality control, sourcing, pre-shipment inspection) and to handle trading (offer suppliers and materials to worksites and place orders with suppliers).

“It is impossible for a construction company to expand in Southeast Asia without sourcing a large number of supplies and materials in China” says Jean-Luc Brial, Director, Asia & Building and Water Works at VINCI Construction Grands Projets.

Key Sourcing has a list of some 1,500 approved suppliers in the following categories: construction materials, worksite machinery, finishings, equipment, electrical systems, fluids transfer, airport furniture, consumables, worksite offices and steel. A number of projects have already called on the new structure. Some 15 costing studies were carried out for the Berjaya project in Malaysia, the Ritz Carlton in Kuala Lumpur, the airport extensions in Cambodia (see box) and the French embassy in Jakarta.

“Key Sourcing serves as the link between the worksites and the producers,” says Yann Bary, Keysourcing Director. “It guarantees quality and execution of orders. We also provide support for project cost estimating. It therefore delivers a comprehensive solution.”