France - Construction of 196 housing units in an eco-neighbourhood in Alsace
France - Construction of 196 housing units in an eco-neighbourhood in Alsace - © VINCI and subsidiaries

In a shrinking market, VINCI Construction is streamlining its production processes to deliver high-quality apartment buildings while keeping costs under control; in the process, it is becoming a major player social housing.

The new BBC (low energy consumption building) standard, which applies to all new construction from January 2013, has put a further crimp on the market. Construction costs more than doubled over the past two decades and now make up 50% of the total cost of a programme on average. The key to the approach is to optimise structural design. This is based on managing social housing construction as design-build projects. 

VINCI Construction France has also been developing an efficient design-build method since 2006, called Logipass. The process, suitable for all residential apartment projects, can reduce construction time by 42% and save 16% in total costs. The comprehensive design, manufacturing and execution cycle is streamlined very early on. This architectural approach is based on spaces assembled as independent modules, which offers complete freedom with respect to the floor plan.

VINCI Construction France built a large number of projects of all sizes for developers and private-sector customers. In 2012, the largest included: as part of the Rives de Seine project, the D3a island with 334 housing units in Boulogne Billancourt; 166 housing units built on landscaped terraces between the Grande Arche and the River Seine in La Défense-Nanterre; a 305-unit housing complex for Spirit Promotion in Aubervilliers; the 312-unit Entrevert eco-neighbourhood in La Valette in southern France; the Neomed City project with 206 housing units and 143 rooms for students as part of the Joliette urban renewal project in Marseille; and the Rives de Sainte Valdrée eco-neighbourhood, as part of an urban brownfield renewal project in Nancy.

In public housing, the year's projects included: a social housing complex for young workers comprising 172 studios in Savigny le Temple; the 85-unit Paul Eluard residence in Rosny sur Seine; the Madrinius programme with 95 housing units and 3,100 sq. metres of shop and office space in Margny lès Compiègne; and the Faubourg Duchateau urban renewal project involving rehabilitation of 390 existing units and construction of 263 new units in Denain in northern France, a project which includes a major workforce development component with 45,000 hours of work to be performed by people registered in work integration programmes. 

In Overseas France, Nofrayane in French Guiana and Sogea Réunion and SBTPC on Reunion Island carried out a large number of new construction and renovation housing projects.

In the United Kingdom, VINCI Construction UK started work on a project in London's Streatham district that includes 250 housing units, a sports complex and a shopping centre. The company also won new contracts for residential projects in Cambridge (134 apartments and shops) and Cardiff (construction of a 380-room student dormitory and a fire brigade barracks)."