Eco-design of buildings and intrastructure

VINCI Construction companies continue to develop eco-design tools for structures and infrastructure that include life cycle analysis (LCA). A rail module was added to CO2NCERNED, which focuses on major transport infrastructure projects, in 2012. Soletanche Freyssinet has also developed specific eco-design software (PRISM, used for 26 projects in the tender phase and 15 in execution), as has VINCI Construction Grands Projets (CO2NCRETE Impact and GEStim), and VINCI Construction France (Equer) for the energy performance evaluation of buildings. In this last field, the Oxygen eco-offer, which covers all project stages (building design, construction and use) and includes energy and environmental performance commitments, has been implemented on some 20 projects in France. 

Collaborative research on eco-design and the sustainable city
The Chair in Eco-design of Buildings and Infrastructure set up by VINCI and the ParisTech engineering school group in 2008 with a budget of €3 million over a period of five years, continued its research work in 2012, with a particular focus on the environmental quality of buildings and neighbourhoods and energy management strategies for buildings.  

The two partners organised the Chair's first seminar as well as several meetings attended by educators, VINCI employees and outside partners. 

Meanwhile the Fabrique de la Cité (City Factory), a think tank set up at VINCI's initiative, continued its work bringing together a wide range of stakeholders involved in urban development and mobility issues. The main topics addressed in 2012 were public acceptance, the role of cities in the energy transition and urban infrastructure financing.