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"""VINCI Construction entities have a rich and varied technical culture at the cutting edge of all areas of expertise. They allocate their engineering resources to their projects the way integrated design offices do. We are currently working to network our resources, starting with the baseline activities that cut across all the entities – ground technologies and structural works. 


In 2012 we convened a meeting of the main design office managers in these specialities – a group of more than 1,000 highly qualified people representing all our entities, bar none. We are creating a community of VINCI Construction civil engineers covering both new construction and the promising field of engineering applied to existing structures. The goal is to continuously amplify our technical performance culture, applying it to projects of all sizes and all degrees of complexity. 

By networking our engineering resources and bringing them into resonance we generate an ""arc"" attuned to our customers' expectations. The increasing use of design-build, EPC, ECI and PPP contracts is leading us to be involved earlier in the project process. We can then leverage our standout engineering services to deliver innovative and alternative solutions that will optimise projects. 

In a nutshell, by networking our engineering resources we create value for customers and our companies alike. Our strengthened engineering capabilities actively participate in winning contracts, controlling technical risks and improving the results of our projects."

Joseph Attias, Director of Engineering, VINCI Construction