Lyon - Confluences Museum
Lyon - Confluences Museum - © VINCI and subsidiaries

VINCI Construction works on a large number of outstanding museum projects around the world. On a demanding market, its expertise as a builder makes all the difference. 

Building or renovating a museum is a high-profile but complex undertaking calling for technical skill commensurate with the scale of the project. Success requires global vision, recognised advanced technology engineering skills, sophisticated resources, perfect coordination and total commitment to managing people.

VINCI Construction has built several exceptional projects on the intermittent and demanding museum market, in France and abroad. This experience informs its approach as a museum builder - its strong ability to frame the spirit of highly complex architectural designs, working with its teams to sublimate its unrivalled construction method. 

Major museum construction projects in France : 

− Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation (Paris). 

− Confluences Museum (Lyon).

− MuCEM (Marseille).