Specialized activities


United Kingdom, dismantling of the Sellafield site
United Kingdom, dismantling of the Sellafield site - © VINCI and subsidiaries

In nuclear civil engineering, the Group offers substantial expertise around the world, from design and construction of containments to dismantling of these structures. 

Soletanche Freyssinet subsidiary Nuvia, specialising in this field, brings together unique capabilities in these business activities and works across the entire life cycle of nuclear facilities, both civilian and military. 

Many projects around the world
The Group works on projects such as the confinement for the damaged reactor and sarcophagus at Chernobyl in Ukraine, which is being built by a VINCI Construction Grands Projets led consortium

At the Cadarache site in southern France, VINCI Construction also carried out a first series of development works for the Iter complex, the largest-ever experimental nuclear fusion facility. At the end of the year a consortium made up of VINCI Construction companies won the contract to build the Tokamak reactor building and a series of ancillary buildings. Nuvia deployed its nuclear logistics, dismantling and risk control expertise at EDF, Areva and CEA sites in France. The year's main projects were the safety reinforcement at the Fessenheim site and the dismantling of the reactor building at Creys-Malville

With major investments to strengthen safety in the French nuclear fleet planned, Nuvia and VINCI Construction France are working together to develop joint offers covering the full range of operations to be performed. The two partners are, for example, building the containment for one of the borated water tanks at the Fessenheim power plant.

In the United Kingdom, Nuvia continued its participation in the Silos Direct Encapsulation (SDP) project at the Sellafield site, while widening the scope of its activities to include, inter alia, demolition of a radiological research laboratory and participation in the British nuclear submarine decommissioning programme.