Saint Catherine's Health Center - UK
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In a market undergoing modernisation in France, VINCI Construction teams pool their expertise and capabilities to win design-build contracts that combine better functionality and optimum profitability. With more than 2,800 public and private facilities numbering 430,000 beds and property assets totalling nearly 65 million m2 undergoing rapid change, the French hospital sector is a large market for VINCI Construction. In 2010, its activity was boosted by the French government's “Hôpital 2012"" investment programme. The programme will provide nearly €10 billion to foster technical modernisation and better efficiency of healthcare facilities. 

VINCI Construction companies are majors in their markets and have the capabilities to carry out large hospital projects. Three recently won contracts are cases in point.

Hospital in Kent
VINCI Construction UK generates a substantial portion of its building activity in the hospital sector. Among other new contracts won in 2012, the company is building a new hospital complex for the Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery near Maidstone. The project involves building construction, landscaping and access roadworks. Work got under way in April 2012 and handover is scheduled in early 2014. The value of the contract is €54 million.

20-hectare medical centre in New Caledonia
VINCI Construction France (lead company) working in synergy with SCB (VINCI Construction DOM-TOM) and with VINCI Energies providing technical works, started work on the large Koutio Médipôle medical centre project in early 2012. It will bring together a new hospital, the Institut Pasteur de Nouvelle-Calédonie, a renal insufficiency treatment centre, a radiation therapy centre and a functional rehabilitation centre on a 20-hectare site. The buildings have a total area of 80,000 sq. metres with 450 rooms and 12 operating theatres. The design is scalable to accommodate changing healthcare requirements over time. The first phase of the works will be completed within 46 months.

Paediatric centre in Warsaw
A Warbud-led consortium is building the paediatric hospital at the Warsaw University medical school under a general contract (excluding technical works packages). The 80,000 sq. metre, seven-level hospital will consist of three buildings connected by a glass-walled passageway and have a total of 527 beds. The works, with a value of €66 million, will be completed in 28 months."